Greenmont Mutual Housing Corporation

The Kettering co-ownership community your Dayton area family deserves
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Greenmont Village is a middle-income mutual housing cooperative in Kettering, Ohio, which is part of the greater Dayton area. This community exists for members and families to live and enrich their community living experience through their participation and involvement.

The benefits of living in Greenmont Village are countless for you and your family. From our shared responsibilities model and affordable pricing to our amenities and community involvement, we have built an idyllic place to live, raise a family or just enjoy life.

Our Mission

We are committed to taking the 1941 Mutual Housing test that became the Greenmont Village and developing it into a 21st century option for affordable, safe, and attractive housing.

Our mission is to occupy all of our 500 units with engaged and community-minded individuals and families, providing co-ownership to our residents and sharing in the joy of community together.

Today, GMHC is celebrating 80 years of growth in Kettering and is supported by each member’s contribution to their community by participation in quarterly Membership Meetings, Membership Committees and following the guidelines set forth in the Green Book: Article of Incorporation, Code of Regulations, Management Code, and Committee Charters.


Our community has an application process and requirements threshold. You can learn more about that on our FAQs page and access application documents on our Apply page.