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If you believe that you and/or your family would be happy as part of the Greenmont Mutual Housing community and you are ready to apply for membership, this is the place to start. If you need more information about what it’s like to live in our community, be sure to check out our Getting Started page, which features all the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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What to Expect After Applying?

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At the time your application is returned to the Greenmont Village office, the application is date and time stamped. It is at this time that proof of income and financial assets are required from applicants, including spouses, if spouse income is to be considered.

If there is a vacancy and your application has been selected to move forward in the process, you will be contacted by the office if there is an available unit for you to visit (accept or decline). Also, you can stop by the office and review the Transfer/Waiting List posted in the entryway or call the office.


We are here to help support you and your family as you navigate the application process. It’s a multi-step activity that can feel overwhelming to begin. If you need any assistance as you begin your application, please contact Greenmont Village office.